Why the CoronaVirus Shouldn’t Come as a Surprise

With all the chaos swirling around us, I want to talk about a not so popular talking point- we all knew this was coming and we, probably, deserve it.

Mother Nature will always get what She wants, and it’s astonishing to think we can stop Her. We were greedy, taking Her for granted.


With climate change, deforestation, and all the environmental abuse comes killing of healthy plants and animals. With the killing of plants and animals comes finding a new way to survive. And survival means eating anything and everything, even if it’s unsafe.

In Nature, there’s a thing called the ‘K-capacity’, which stands for ‘Carrying Capacity’. The carrying capacity by definition is- the maximum population size of a species that the environment can sustain indefinitely, given the food, habit, water, and other necessities available in the environment. And In our case, our supplies are dwindling. See Figure 1.

Another example we can look at is the relationship between Wolves (predators) and Rabbits (prey). As the prey population increases, soon follows the predators. While predators population increases, the prey, in return, will decrease, with predators decreasing after. And this’ll repeat until the end of time. This is a loose example since we, humans, have a wide diet. But nonetheless true and good to learn and remember that everything Is connected.

Be kind, be loving, be healthy 💙 stay home.

Read a more intellectually written article here!!! https://www.nytimes.com/…/sunda…/the-ecology-of-disease.html



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