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Getting Here:

Getting to Ninh Binh is easy!! You can take either a bus or train from Hanoi!

Bus Tickets- here

Train Tickets- here


When You Arrive:

When you arrive via train or bus, there’ll be a number of people waiting outside offering rides to your accomadation or asking if you want a motorbike. Definitly get the motor bike! It’ll be cheaper, more fun, and easier to get to all the amazing places Ninh Binh has to offer!!!

Where To Stay:

I recommend staying at Yen’s Homestay. She gives you a map of the area and MANY recommendations. It’s a clean place with A/C! It also has a resturant where you get free breakfast with your stay, plus a full menu if you decide to eat there for lunch and dinner. Check it out HERE!

What To Do In Ninh Binh

1) Hang Múa (Dragon on the Mountain)
    • 500 steps to 2 different scenic spots that overlook the countryside
    • Find the cave and walk along an underwater path

Parking: Don’t stop and pay for parking outside the gate, they’re trying to scam you.


2) Bai Dinh Pagoda
    • The tallest pagoda in SE Asia
      • Go inside and take the elevator to the top for some amazing panorama views
    • Walk around the entirety of the temple! There’s a giant worship hall, big buddha, the largest bell tower in Asia, and much more to see in the area, spend a whole day there

Parking: When you pull up, you’ll have to pay about $3 for parking for the day. You’ll then have to pay for an entrance ticket. After that, jump on the shuttle to get to the Temple. 


3) Trang An Boat Tour
    • Relaxing boat ride  and great spots for taking photos
    • We did Route 3 and it was excellent!
      • It takes you through 3 low-hanging caves and 3 different temples
      • It also takes you to an area where they shot ‘King Kong: Kong Island’

Parking: There’s a parking lot across the street from the ticket booth



4) Thung Nham Bird Park
    • Check out ‘Observation Point’
      • Most zen place I’ve been, it was hard for me to leave
    • Find the 1000 year-old tree
    • Explore through Mermaid Cave

Parking: You enter through a gate to get into the park, then you drive down the road a little further until you find a parking booth, park there and enjoy the area!



5) Thai Vi Temple
    • We went here in the evening time just to check it out
    • But the area around is wonderful! There’s rice fields and it was a beautiful spot to watch the sunset
    • Go into town and eat dinner! Cheap and tasty traditional restaurants everywhere


6) Hoa Lu Ancient Capital
  • The capital of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th centuries
  • There’s a number of different areas to see while visiting the Capital
    1. Xuân Thủy Temple
    2. Tomb of the First Emperor
    3. Temple of King Le Dai Hanh
    4. Chùa Nhất Trụ Temple


7) Bich Dong Pagoda
  • Consists of 3 different pagodas
    1. Ha
    2. Trung
    3. Thuong
  • While visiting the Pagodas, explore the area, some of the coolest spots are the ones not easily seen

Parking: It’s free. Don’t let them fool you!


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