HOw To get around Vietnam

Vietnam is best described as a country of organized chaos. Hardly anything is on time and laws are often ignored. With that being said, don’t do anything a local isn’t doing. Respect their culture and learn about the way they live. To get around Vietnam I recommend 3 different options…

  1. Motobike
  2. Trains
  3. Bus//Van

My favorite way of getting around!!!

From traveling from city to city, I went by either bus or train. Then when I got to each respected city, I would get a motorbike for the duration of my stay, makes it easier to get around. They’re very easy to find (typically waiting for you when you get off of the train/bus) & so cheap (less than $5/day)!!! 

You DO NOT need a Vietnamese Driver’s License to rent a bike. I have heard of instances where cops may pull you over, but it’s so corrupt that you can just bribe them. 

With that, I only saw 3-4 cops during my whole month stay, so very rare.


This is my preferred choice of travel between cities, especially if they offer overnight travel so you don’t waste a day.

  • They offer transportation between all the major cities in Vietnam
  • Get the ‘Soft Berth (4)’ seat option
    • It’s the more expensive option but it’s a cabin with beds in it & also your hostel for the night, so rest up 🙂
  • Check out tickets HERE

Sleeper Bus:

  • If you’re over 6ft, this is not the way for you. I learned the hard way, very uncomfy (I’m 6’4).
  • But.. if you’re on a budget, this is actually the way.
  • Learn more & book tickets HERE

You can book the luxury type vans, or also sleeper busses HERE


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