Hội An

Translates to “Peaceful Meeting Place”

An old trading port back in the 15th century, its ancient buildings and canals makes it feel like a Vietnamese Venice. Old Town, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known for its street food, cheap tailored clothes, and boat rides on the river.

Getting To Hội An & Best Time To Go:

From Hue:

  • Hire a private car to take you to all the extraordinary spots between Hue & Hoi An.

From down South:

  • If coming from Dalat or Nha Trang, take a bus
  • If you’re looking for a bus ticket, your hostel will be able to book this for you.
  • There isn’t a train or bus station here, but they make it work 🙂

When you should go:

  • I recommend going during the lantern festival, which corresponds with the full moon. (Check out the moon schedule HERE)
  • The Full Moon represents fullness and prosperity. It’s also an important part of the Buddhist religion for self-reflection and paying respect to ancestors. 

Where To Stay In Hội An:

The first place we stayed was a homestay outside of the city near the beach. The host was super nice and accomadating. If you want some private space in a good location, this is a great spot. 

Check It Out Here

Midway through our stay, we wanted to be closer to Ancient town and also expierence the city with other travelers during Buddha’s birthday (which was May 19th during our travels in 2019) and the full moon festival.

– FUN FACT: Buddha’s birthday, also known as “Vesak”, actually changes from year to year in certain parts of the World.

The hostel we stayed at was right near Ancient town. It was a nice place with helpful staff! 

Check It Out Here

What To Do:

1) Get Clothes Tailored

Go to Ba Ri Tailor!! The sweetest ladies work in the shop. They also have THOUSANDS of patterns and designs to choose from with high quality of material. They’ll do measuments all around your body to make sure it fits perfectly.

After they make it for the first time, you’ll go back in and try it on. You’ll tell them what you want fixed so you get the perfect piece of clothing.

They do men & womens clothing for an extremely low price! You won’t regret it 🙂


2) Eat World-Famous Banh Mi

The late Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef  and explorer of international cuisine, claimed that Hội An was home to some of the best Banh Mi in the world. Specifially, located at Bánh Mì Phượng.

Another fantastic location is Banh Mi Queen.

3) Explore Ancient Town, Eat Street Food, and Take a Boat Ride

Head down toward Bridge of Lights and explore through Ancient Town. While near the river, they’ll be vendors selling Vietnamese street food (the pizza is my favorite, but also try all the tasty deserts)!

When walking along the river, you’ll see boats giving rides, hop on one! Very peaceful and relaxing.

4) Grab a Coffee at The Bird House and Passion Fruit Coffee

The Bird House is an excellent cafe along the river with tasty drink options.

The Passion Fruit Coffee has the best Coconut coffee in the World!! If I could, I would grab one every morning, it’s a mood changer!

5) Visit Ba-Na Hills

If you decide not to stop in Da Nang for a few days, you can still get to Bà Nà Hills from Hội An if you rent a motor bike (this is what we did). It only adds about an extra hour to your ride, but it’s phenomenal.

Make sure you leave early to get a full day in!


6) Chill on the Beach

Check out An Bang Beach. They have sun covers, chairs, and bars around for you to enjoy your beach experience to the max. 


Hội An Gallery

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