Ho Chi Minh City//Saigon

The largest city in Vietnam and the former Capital of South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War). HCM has nearly 9 million people living within the city (which is bigger than New York City). 

I don’t have much to say about the city. During our travels, we started in Hanoi and came South. While crossing other travelers, they were advising us to only make a pit stop in the city, so we only stayed for 6 hours. When in HCM, the city was dirty and chaotic. I’m sure there are nice areas and interesting things to see, but I think the most important thing to do is spend time in the War Museum.


War Remnants Museum

This museum attracts more than a half-marathon visitors every year. Don’t rush through it, it’s important to take your time, learn, and understand the negative impacts of the war.

Be prepared to see some emotional stuff. I definitely shed some tears and had to leave some rooms.



FYI: The Gallery below has some images that may make you queazy…

Also, the majority of the drawings were done by kids ages 8-14, it’s important to remember that children aren’t dumb, they remember these horrific events and it’ll shape their values and beliefs while growing up. 

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