“City of Eternal Spring”

Visiting Dalat is like visiting a different country. Their climate is unlike anywhere else in Vietnam. The temperate air lets them grow fruits, coffee, and flowers that won’t be able to grow anywhere else. It’s also a supplier of wine around the country.

With the moderate climate that allows for nature to prosper, it’s a great adventure city for travelers as well. There’s a number of waterfalls (some of which you can go canyoning on), mountain biking, and trekking! Don’t rush through this spot, there’s lots to do and see, and also eat :). I’d recommend a solid 5 days here.

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How To Get Here:

Getting to Dalat is easy. The best way to travel is by bus. They offer rides to Dalat from a number of surrounding cities. Learn more and book tickets below.

Where To Stay:

Cozy Nook– Voted one of the best hostels in Southeast Asia, it offers an abundance of goods and services. It’s a laid back and chill hostel. If you choose to stay here, make sure you get your reservation in advance!! 

Mr. Peace Backpacker’s– Depending on what you’re looking for in your time in Dalat, Mr. Peace offers a social atmosphere with oppurtunities to meet people and go out on the town. They also offer help with planning excursions and onward travel.


1) Go Canyoning!!

This will be one of the most exctiting, eventful, and memorable things you’ll do while visting Dalat. You get to repel, zipline, and cliff jump off waterfalls. You also slide down rocks, all of this in a days time.

You can book this through any of the hostels you stay at, or online HERE.

2) Book a Country Side Tour

The country side tour offers an abundance of sights and sounds throughout the day. You get to see a giant greenhouse filled with pretty flowers, visit a minority village, learn how coffee and weasels are connected (Hint: it’s unappetizing sounding, but delicious tasting 😉 ), watch the process of transforming worms into silk, taste crickets and cricket wine, and finally end the day with more pleasant and calming sights, the Happy Buddha Pagoda and Elephant Waterfall.

You can book this through your hostel, or check out more HERE

3) Maze Bar & Crazy House

Maze Bar- One of the most unique bars in the World! When you enter, you must buy a drink to venture throughout the 5 story maze. The maze itself is filled with tight spots, hidden drinking rooms, and crazy statues. Once you get to the top, there’s a rooftop garden on one side, and the other is another bar.


Crazy House- The architect, Dang Viet Nga, origianally built this for humans to get back in-touch with Nature. With hardly any right angles throughout the buildings, it matches that of the Natural World. Nga, who has a PhD in architecture, doesn’t use blueprints. Instead, she paints what she wants, and hires non-professionals to complete her work in real life.

Truly a remarkable structure, you won’t be disappointed visiting.


4) Visit the Night Market & Eat Street Food

A lively place when the sun goes down and the street lights turn on. Both sides of the street are filled with fresh fruits like strawberries and mangos, shops selling clothes, jewlery, and accesories, and my favorite part, all the hot and fried foods. You got to try the fried squid balls and especially, the Vietnamese pizzas!!! 🙂 


5) Of Course… Get Motorbikes for ATLEAST 2 Days

There’s a few things you’ll want to see while on your 2 day journey throughout the Dalat area.

1 – Trúc Lâm Đà Lạt Zen Monastery

  • The largest Zen Buddhist Temple in Vietnam. It’s located in a scenic area with flower gardens and a great view of the lake.         DIRECTIONS

2 – Da Tien Tourist Area

  • Don’t get spooked by the name, it’s anything but that. It’s a relaxing nature area with a cafe and hangout spots to enjoy the peace and quiet.  DIRECTIONS

3 – Datanla Waterfall

  • A beautiful waterfall just outside of the city. It has a rollercoaster to take you down to the bottom, or you can hike down (I recommend the rollercoaster, hehe). DIRECTIONS

4 – Prenn Waterfall

  • A small, scenic waterfall just outside of town. Nothing special, but still an amazing feature of Nature. DIRECTIONS

5 – Pongour Waterfall

  • Easily one of my favorites and one of the most epic in Vietnam. An hour away from Dalat, this panoramic, multi-tiered waterfall will leave you speechless. DIRECTIONS


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