Beauty Around Us Movement, also known as BAUM, is devoted to encouraging growth within individuals by embracing uncertainty, exploring the unexplored, and being at one with themselves.


Our mission is to motivate others to increase
their physical and mental well-being.

We will work together to help end the stigma against mental illness

Share our experiences to motivate others to get
out and enjoy the beauty around us

Help and support others who are new to hiking/backpacking/traveling
and giving them advice and recommendations

Things We’ll Share and Do


Information about our favorite hikes 

International Travels

Suggestions on where to go & what to do


What gear we prefer while hiking & traveling



Sharing positive news & information 


At the moment, it’s only me, Jake Virus! This is my passion project and I’ve been working on it for over 2 years. 

Jake Virus

Jake Virus

Currently living in Colorado, but the World is my home. I want to hike/camp/travel everywhere so I can learn about all the beauty around us to share with others so everyone can find what they enjoy the most. 

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